The "Double Trouble" Double Stereo Fat Can Water Pipe
The "Double Trouble" Double Stereo Fat Can Water Pipe


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The Double Trouble can drown out even the loudest bass with its insane rips!


Even at first glance, "Double Trouble" is clearly a damn fine water pipe. Standing at an imposing 16 inches, this fat can sports not one, but two huge stereo percs, offering the most filtration possible for such a large pipe. The slits in the glass are so small and close together that the percs gleam in the light, only adding to the awe-inspiring look of this piece. The "Double Trouble" sports an 18.8mm female joint and a large bowl, allowing you to fill this huge pipe with thick smoke from top to bottom. Combine that with both a splashguard and an ice pinch, and what do you have? The perfect daily driver for any dry herb smoker who loves to take massive, smooth hits.